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Most people assume they do not need rehab because they indulge in fixable minor substances with solid willpower and genuine social support. However, a larger group of addicts needs intervention to treat co-occurring disorders rooted in childhood or worsen during the addiction. However, statistics show that rehabs tend to house some of these patients repeatedly because of the high relapse rate.

We do not think you should try the same thing again to hope it will work out better. The ability to live a drug-free life depends on the rehab’s recovery program and the patient’s unique biology. The first step is to choose a rehab in Bakersfield to address all environmental and socioeconomic issues. Here is a detailed FAQ to help you understand how to choose the best substance abuse treatment center.

FAQ rehabs in Bakersfield

What are your treatment options?

The rehab should have a set of principles that are the cornerstone of the rehab. Our treatment model includes evidence-based therapies and clinical practices to address individual challenges and situations. The multidisciplinary addiction treatment may include the following activities:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Educational sessions
  • Mental treatment sessions
  • Mindfulness and relaxation programs
  • Special services for unique mental and emotional complications

How different is the rehab from the usual AA meeting?

Can you replace rehab services with AA meetings? Many people cannot successfully beat an addiction unless they go through the entire process of a typical rehab. AA meetings are only effective for long-term therapy, but not as the primary treatment solution. Our rehab program has a full-time monitoring schedule, from the initial detox stage to the intensive outpatient addiction treatment sessions.

Can you get online treatment services?

A virtual rehab is instrumental for patients who are healthy enough to partake in lessons from home. However, these mental health treatment services are not for everyone because recovery is an intensely transformative process. Therefore, we encourage patients to use the online verification system to begin their admission so that they can enjoy the benefits of full-time inpatient treatment.

What is the length of average rehab?

Addiction treatment programs vary in length according to the patient’s condition as well as the insurance arrangements. Our approach allows patients to get through the treatment process to reap all the benefits of rehab. Addiction is a multi-faceted process that impacts your mental and emotional life; hence it should have a healthy duration.

Types of rehab programs

The best rehab has a myriad of outpatient rehab treatment programs for physical, mental, and emotional recovery. Our treatment facilities for drug and alcohol addictions are skilled at treating co-occurring disorders with evidence-based therapies. In addition, the recovery support services have a combination of treatment approaches for complex side effects for a well-rounded recovery process.

How can the therapist understand your childhood trauma?

Most counseling sessions begin in a group therapy setting; hence patients are skeptical that the therapist will not understand their traumatic disorder. We mix group and individual therapy sessions depending on the assessment of your condition.

Our rehab in Bakersfield has many different treatment programs to treat an array of addiction issues. Complete the verification process to begin your admission application or call the best drug and alcohol rehab near me (661-325-4357) for more information.

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