NJ CoolSculpt

The CoolSculpt fat freezing procedure is the sole FDA cleared, non surgical fat reduction treatment which uses controlled cooling to eliminate relentless fat which resists all efforts through exercise and diet. The results are lasting, noticeable, and proven, so you will look fantastic from every approach. CoolSculpting technology easily delivers precisely controlled cooling to effectively and gently focus on the fat cells under the skin while making the skin itself unaffected. The CoolSculpting procedure is effective, safe, and proven. Get amazing results and really like the way your clothes fit much better, feel good, and look terrific. If you live in NJ, CoolSculpt is readily available for you from the professional experts at Women’sCare.

At Women’sCare, we are considered the leading women’s health care facility that provides numerous treatments and procedures for all of our valued patients, such as our unique NJ CoolSculpt method of fat removal. If you have a health insurance plan, we can assist you in discovering which types of procedures they will allow and pay for, whether partially or in full. We also have a full staff of medical professionals who are here for you, offering advice and guidance for any type of treatment or procedures you may desire. We are a full serve health care center which allows you a totally comprehensive experience, all under one roof. This allows you the confidence of working with the same staff for any types of treatments you may need.

It is not difficult to get going in your CoolSculpting journey to a slimmer you. The very first step is going to be scheduling a session with our CoolSculpting provider. You will meet with our CoolSculpting clinician during a one-on-one consultation, who has specialized training in the CoolSculpting procedure. We are going to take the time period to talk about a complete approach to your goals for reshaping your entire body. Together, we will take a look at your full body from several angles, which concentrate on the particular areas in which you wish to eliminate fat. This may take only one office visit, or it could take more, depending on your circumstances.

The CoolSculpting procedure is entirely non surgical, which makes going back to regular activities later on, a usually simple procedure. In many cases, patients actually go back to work after their CoolSculpting treatment is over. There may be some signs of tingling, tenderness, redness and swelling in the area, but these symptoms are usually mild and only last for a day or two. Most single treatments last between 35-60 minutes, and you may have more than one procedure in the same day, if that’s something that you had discussed with our clinician.

If you would like to learn more about our NJ CoolSculpt procedures and benefits, please visit our website at womenscarenewjersey.com for additional information. On our home page, you can leave your contact information, for a quick response. You can also simply call us at 908.231.6836, and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable medical staff members.