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Long-Term Care Kansas City

                                                Long-Term Care Kansas City

Long-term care is inevitable for most folks who live long enough. Studies reveal that more people will need long-term care in the years to come. This is a hard pill to swallow, and the only way to make that pill a little easier to swallow is to get a long-term care home that works. If you are in Kansas City and are looking to get a loved one into a long-term care home, here are some tips on going about it.

 What Are Their Needs

The first step to choosing a long-term-care home that suits your loved one is determining their needs. Different long-term care homes offer different levels of care. Although some offer all these levels of care under one roof, it is sometimes best to stick to a home specializing in a specific type of care.

Determine What You Can Afford

These long-care homes are not for free, so you need to come up with a budget. Especially if they don’t have some insurance or the resources. Once you can determine what you can afford, you can then proceed to choose a home within that range. On average, long-term care homes costs between  $3,600-$10,000 a month, depending on the type of long-term care home.

Do Your Research

Research the available homes within your budget. Use the internet. Or ask for recommendations from friends, family, and even professionals in the field. Between both online and offline methods, you should arrive at a good number of long-term care homes. Make a list of these prospective homes.

Visit Prospective Facilities

Visit the homes on your list. Make it your visits as impromptu as possible and when you are there, look out for the following:

Cleanliness: How clean are the resident’s rooms and common areas? Are the residents looking well-groomed or unkempt? What does the home smell like?

The Staffing Arrangement:  Find out as much as possible about the staff's qualifications, training, and experience. How many medical professionals are always on-site?

The Look of The Place: How is the home setup? Is it easy to move around and live in? How secure is it? How comfortable is it for both residents and visitors? What activities do they engage in?

Take A Long Hard Look at the Residents: Do they look happy? Get to interview them if possible? Find out if they are happy there. Try to talk to as many of them as you can.

Get in touch with our Long-term care facility in Kansas City

At Colonial Village, we take pride in being a senior living community that’s unlike other nursing homes. We consider ourselves a continuum of care where residents can age in place under one roof. Importantly, our workers treat everyone like family and we encourage the residents to do the same. As a result, we can guarantee a living home where seniors can age with their dignity intact. Do you wish to know more about us or bring in a senior? Call 913-730-7300 and we’ll be glad to attend to your needs.

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