Drug And Alcohol Rehab In Southern California

For safe and reliable drug and alcohol rehab in Southern California, you need to consider our patient-oriented programs and services. California Rehab Campus deals with even the most advanced addictions, helping patients regain their physical, mental, and emotional stability and strive towards a sober life over the years.

When to join rehab?

Knowing when you need medical assistance with your drug or alcohol-related problems can make the difference between life and death. Substance addiction is a debilitating condition with extensive physiological side-effects along the way. As an addiction victim, it may be difficult to remain impartial when attempting to self-assess your condition. Most addiction victims remain in denial about their situation, often for years, denying themselves the treatment that will change or even save their lives.

Only an expert can assess your condition objectively and recommend the appropriate treatment for smooth and controlled recovery. We advise contacting our rehab professionals as soon as you notice the first signs of withdrawal. Cravings are the first and most common indicators that you may have developed a substance addiction, so you can quickly go with that one. If you experience intense cravings as soon as you attempt to quit your addiction, combined with various physiological effects like headaches, nausea, irritability, mood changes, etc., you need help immediately.

How rehab works

A reliable rehabilitation program needs to ensure safe, comfortable and controlled detoxification and recovery. A careful approach is always necessary to prevent any health complications, especially in advanced addictions that come with many health risks and side-effects. Our drug and alcohol rehab in Southern California takes patients through several recovery phases:

  • Medical detoxification – We offer customized detox treatment based on FDA-approved medication to stabilize the patients’ condition, minimize the withdrawal’s impact, and flush the substance from their organism. This first treatment phase is necessary in all situations where patients experience withdrawal and need medication to taper off its effects.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment – The dual diagnosis program offers medication, therapy, and counseling to patients dealing with co-occurring disorders like anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc. According to studies, that would be around 50% of addiction victims.
  • Residential care – Our residential program offers 30, 60, and 90-day rehabilitation programs based on intensive care, 24/7 supervision, medication, therapy, counseling sessions, and peer support. The program places patients in a controlled and comfortable environment, where they can focus on recovery and heal at their own pace.
  • Sober living – Our sober living structures provide addiction victims with a real-world-like setting where they can work on social reintegration and embrace a more balanced, sober, and fulfilling lifestyle. It is the ideal rehab treatment option for people who don’t have supportive environments to return to after rehab and need more extensive care to ensure sobriety and healthy living.

If you require premier drug and alcohol rehab in Southern California, we encourage you to contact our rehab professionals today. You can speak to our experts, make an appointment, and come to California Rehab Campus for clinical assessment, detox, and inpatient care as soon as you’re ready.

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